March 27, 2014

Alona Tropical Beach Resort

I know people out there have heard about the sad news happened in Bohol. We went in Bohol last September 15 2013; I was in total shocked when I heard it on TV. The Earthquake felt in the whole Visayas area on October 15, 2013 particularly Bohol and Cebu. The magnitude of the earthquake is 7.2. I read and watched that some of Bohol’s tourist spots were totally damaged, including their churches. I am sad and happy for what happened in Bohol. Sad because the quake affected the entire Bohol area, happy and proud because we have visited Bohol before the quake struck the entire Visayas (don’t take my words negatively). Proud because, it is indeed true that Bohol is one of the popular tourist destinations here in the Philippines. So let me share you our memorable tour and the beautiful Bohol before the quake destroyed Bohol.

We arrived in our hotel almost lunch already. We had first our lunch then we started to explore the beach and the hotel’s facilities. There are few resorts within Alona Beach Resort, and we stayed one of their resorts which is the Alona Tropical Beach Resort. Feels like I’m in Boracay. Cool!

When we finally reached the hotel, we didn't expect that the hotel entrance turned out to look like heaven. Everywhere is green! And i love it! The huge trees with lots of orchids hanging on, different plants and flowers are everywhere, everything is so organized. Feels like home! I so love nature.

Look who's enjoying the bench! haha..

Yeah, they have their own souvenir shop. The resort features a beach front bar, a beach-front restaurant, pool with jacuzzi and chapel.
Their resort's observation deck overlooking the beach!
I enjoyed staying here because of the enigma of the nature, so relaxing, so
green, full of plants and above all it’s so peaceful and so clean staying here. Ciao!

February 25, 2014

Project Wonderful 2014

Hello everyone, do you want to donate and share your blessings? So please continue reading this, I am writing this post to support #projectwonderful2014. Project Wonderful is a social media campaign Ad by the 4th Marketing students of University of Makati. This campaign is for the benefit of our kababayan in Visayas and Mindanao affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Ways to show our love to every Filipino.

1. Visit their FP link below, then hit like and don’t forget to share:

Please continue to share this to your friends, family, classmates, dorm mates, officemates, drinking buddies and playmates. It would be a big help to Rebuild Homes, Schools and Livelihood of Filipino affected by typhoon Yolanda. Spread Kindness!

2. Donate through your mobile phone.
Use your Globe Reward points and reach out to our kababayan. No amount is too small.

3. Volunteer and Donate, visit

For more details, visit:

My cousin ( she's a student from University of Makati and a 4th Marketing student ) asked me a favor to help and advertise #projectwonderful2014 using my blog. And of course It's a big pleasure for me. Yey! :) So, if you are a blogger too, you can also share and make an entry regarding this #projectwonderful2014. It will be a big help! Thank you so much! Sa muli!